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    I was wondering while on a cycle whats good,? I her 1.5 grms/lb and 2grms/lb. Which one do you experinced guys use? I'm going to do finaplix ,winni, and propinate. So I'm doing a low calorie diet obviosly so again with carbs I know the clean carbs how many grms should I use? I way 190 now and I'm doing a cut up too 165 during this I'm doing 1 grm/lb kool. So much appreciated sum feed back on this thank bro's!!

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    take 190 x .75 for carbs--comes out to around 143 carbs a day. Protein can be 1-2 grams, the more the better, and i know you're doing a low cal diet but to build any sort of muscle you need cals....2000-2500 a day at least for lean muscle.

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