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    Red face Low TEST low LH Low FSH

    I completed an 8 week cycle of deca , Test enth. and Winstrol September last year, ie 3-4 months ago and used 3 shots 5000Ui HCG for PCT.

    This was my second ever cycle.

    quantities where:

    Deca - 200, 200, 400, 400, 400, 400, 200, 200
    Test - 250, 250, 500, 500, 500, 500, 250, 250
    Winni- 0 , 0, 50 eod

    I had my bloodwork done last week and the results are as follows:

    Testosterone - 60 ng/dl (norm range 400 - 1080 ng/dl)
    LH - 0.5 mU/ml (norm range 1.5 - 9.3)
    FSH - 0.7 mIU/ml (norm range 1.4 - 14.6)
    estrodiol - 23.1 pg/ml (norm range 18 - 67)

    I have very low libido, depression but I still seem to be putting on good muscle.

    Clearly my bloodwork is in the shit especially for a 32 year old.

    How long does it take for normal levels to be restored?

    Another problem is that I have never had blood work done for hormones prior to this, thus leaving me with no previous reference.

    Any advice would be greately appreciated... I am really lost here.

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    All you did was three hosts of HCG ? WOw I have never seen PCT like this before. HCG will kick-start your testes to grow again and get your natty moving but you need clomid at least for some time to get your body producing natural Test again.

    sorry if I misunderstood but that does not sound like smart PCT to me. I can see why your natty levels are so low.


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    check this link out.

    Pheedno's PCT

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    Your dosage tapering didnt do a damn thing, if you were thinking your test levels would come back up toward the end. Also, you should have run nolvadex for PCT. It takes months to get back to normal after deca too.

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