Question for the senior guys on here or someone who's used these products. Went to my HRT doctor today. Getting some blood work done as this is a new doctor I was was referred to (wasn't happy with last doctor). After the bloodwork comes back I know he's going to recommend one of 3 options;

1) Testosterone Injections
2) Androgel / Transdermal Patch
3) Testosterol Liposomal Gel (100 mg/g - 200 mg/g)

I'm familar with the first two options but haven't heard of #3 above (Terosterol Liposomal Gel ?). He says it's much better than the transdermal patches and strongly recommends it. However, I'm looking for some 'real-world' gains in terms of musclular growth as well as getting my T-Levels up to par, to improve my overall health & mood. I've had testing done in the past and know my T-Levels are low.

Can anyone give me their opinion between choosing Testosterone Injections or giving the Testosterol Gel a try?

P.S. I've also used the Androgel patch for nearly a year and all it did was irritate my skin. I wasn't impressed with the patch at all.

Any help would be appreciated.
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