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    Is it neccessary to aspirate when shooting slin IM?

    Since slin can be shot IM, subq, or IV would it matter if you hit a vein? As long as you took your dextrose immidiatly and didn't have too low a bg to start with, I would think that the expidited insulin activity wouldn't really matter. Any thoughts?

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    i think you have answered your own question.since it can be shot iv,then what is the worry of hitting a vein.

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    IMO...If shooting IM yes, if shooting SQ no. Peace

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    -IV slin usually coincides witha glucose infusion. You aren't likely going to be able to get your carbs in fast enough (orally) to deal with IV slin. If you take the dextrose first, you'll be inducing a substantial endogenous slin spike, so you'll have that in addition to what you're injecting, so your carb intake will be off.

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