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    Couple of questions from newbie

    I've been reading this board for a few months now and I've got a few questions that I can't seem to find definitive answers for in previous threads.
    First my history / stats:
    33 years old
    Weight = 215
    Body fat = 18 -19%
    Lifting experience = since I was 14
    I've been all over the board by way of weight and percent body fat in the last 7 years, 190 lbs @ 8 %, 224 @ 12% and as bad as 265 @ 30%.
    Over the last two years I've not been able to hold my weight/% body fat below 210 and 15% without outrageous cardio and diet.
    I am in the process of looking into my test levels and possible HR therapy but I am more interested in HGH and IGF due to the lower sides and fat loss potential. I'll look to put on mass after I lean up and see if I can heal a few joints that have been giving me trouble.

    I have a few questions.

    1) Is IGF1-LR3 still a research chemical? If so what are the laws associated with ordering /shipping it and possession? Same as the ARR clen , etc.?

    2) Are the sides to IGF1 the same as HGH, just more pronounced and faster?

    3) If you have a prescription to HGH (I do not) is the ordering from an outside country still illegal?

    Thanks for the help.

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    1) yes, as far as I know it's not illeagl yet

    2) no, results can be faster

    3) yes, unless it's an FDA approved HGH.


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