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    LR3 IGF1 dosage question

    im about to run igf1 with my aas cycle and im curious whether 20 mcg ed would be enough to actually notice decent results.. right now im 192 lbs, 5'10" and about 13% bf..

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    if you have 1mg of lr3 why not run a cycle of approx 3 weeks at 40mcg/day and see what results you get.
    theoretically you should get 25 shots at 40mcg from 1mg but when its measured out you get approx 20 shots because of wastage.
    cycles i have read should be approx 4 weeks on same time off so this would give you 3 weeks to assess lr3.

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    Its hard to decide what dose you should start at when its your first time using IGF as everyone reacts differently. And like RB said, some people see results at 20mcg, some get good results at 40 - 50mcg, some don't. So I suppose you have to use yourself as a ginny pig and experiment what suits your body best so next time you decide to use IGF again, you know what dose is best for you. But advice wise, generally speaking, people usually take and have staisfying enough results anywhere between 40 - 60mcg. Hope your fist run with IGF brings you results you are looking for. Good luck.


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    If it's your fisrt run use it in w/o days only


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