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Thread: igf-1

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    hey i was going to run a cutter coming up. I was thinking of putting HGH in it but i read thats just a waste of money for a cutter.
    Soo my cycle soo far is going to be.

    Test P for 10 weeks at 100 ed
    Tren A for 8 weeks at 75 ed
    winny from week 4 to week 10 at 50ed
    t-3 in there at 25mcg a day

    was thinkin of doing HGH wit that for the first 12 weeks b4 i start and run it for 7 months at 3ius ed.
    But would IGF-1 be a better choice for cutting to aid my diet and cardio.
    like igf for first 4 weeks and then run it PCT with clen .
    or is there anything else that would look good in their for maximum fat loss.
    kind of scared for the DNP

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    How Much Weight Are We Talking Here,whats Your Current Bf%

    Btw.your On The Right Track With Your Cycle,i WoulD Go With Igf And Hgh If You Have The Resources

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    i am about 250 atm with an estimation of 18% bf could be a lil more or a lil less.
    but i hear hgh is an expensive waste for a cutter when others work just as good for cheaper?

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    i dropped 1.2% bf in a week on 100mcg lr3/2iu hgh. its great way to cut as i still can eat plenty of cals to workout heavy and keep muscle.


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