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    Opinions on summer prep. cycle--Spaced--it

    week--dbol ----winstrol ---durabolin250---sust300---tren80----- HCG
    --1------25 ED-----------125 2/wk------150 2/wk------------500iu 2X
    --2------25 ED-----------125 2/wk------150 2/wk------------500iu 2X
    --3------25 ED-----------187.5 2/wk----225 2/wk
    --4------25 ED-----------187.5 2/wk----225 2/wk
    --5------------50mg ED--187.5 2/wk----225 2/wk- 40mg EOD
    --6------------50mg ED--187.5 2/wk----225 2/wk- 80mg EOD
    --7------------50mg ED--125 2/wk------150 2/wk--80mg EOD-500 2X
    --8------------50mg ED--125 2/wk------150 2/wk--40mg EOD-500 2X
    0.75mg arimidex wk 1-4; 1mg wk 5-8
    clomid 300mg 2 wks after last inject 100mg rest of the week 50mg for 2 weeks after that.
    Of course d-bol split up 3X a day.
    Milk Thistle 1200mg a day start 2 wks before cycle till 2 wks after cycle.
    Just a little summer prep.

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    when ever you want to take a liver protector take ALA at 600-1000mgs+/day its a lot better... has it for a cheap price and go to there AF store and buy there liver protector and always drink 1-2 gallons of water a day...and know for your cycle i dont like it too much sorry make some changes on it...and if you need help making a new cycle ask me i can help and tell me how much you can get of each so i know how to make the cycle

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