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    My Sweat Fuel Experience

    By Harvey Balboner

    This is a journal of my first full go with Sweat Fuel from Designer National Products, I had tried it before at 200mg for 10 days, this time I went with a full blow cycle. A little history, when I went on this, I was at the tail end of a cutting cycle, and these were the last few stubborn pounds.

    Start Weight 220

    Day 1 - 200mg

    Very hot, sweating very badly during any physical activity. Their product is much more accurately dosed than what I tried last time.

    Day 2 - 200mg

    Heat not as bad today as I got more used to it. Drank a lot more water today.

    Day 3 - 200mg

    Got used to the heat especially today. Canít think of a nice way to say this but have been hitting the crapper 4 times a day. Diet was pretty bad though today. I think it is definitely the Sweat Fuel causing this.

    Day 4 - 400mg

    Weight is down 2 pounds with no change in diet (except maybe worse) or doing cardio. Hotter today

    Day 5 - 400mg

    Didnít notice much today, just tired all day, and didnít do squat. I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating, the pillow was soaked.

    Day 6 - 400mg

    Weight is down, starting to see some water retention. Played half court basketball today, probably drank a gallon of water during it in less than an hour. Weight is down 3 more pounds, canít wait to see what it is tomorrow after the BB. Later that night I was sweating big time watching a movie, and most everybody else was cold in the room.

    Here is another thing I do not know how to put nicely, I was having sex with my girl, after I pulled out. My semen was a bright neon yellow, it freaked her out. My new nickname is ďradio active man.Ē On a related note, even on 125mg of test prop ED, I have noticed a strong decrease in sex drive.

    Day 7 - 400mg

    Weight is back up 3 pounds?!?!? Which pretty strange, I think I am holding a lot more water than before, so we will see. Sweating was bad again today. I definitely feel weaker. Lifts went down big time in the gym, but to be expected.

    Day 8 - 400mg

    Sweating continued today. Nothing unusual to report.

    Day 9 Ė 400mg

    Night sweats are getting worse, waking up several times with the pillows and sheets soaked in sweat. Down 2 more pounds.

    Day 10 Ė 400mg

    Heavy sweating continued today.

    Day 11 Ė 400mg

    Final day on Sweat Fuel, glad itís over! Had some major sweating today. Lost 1 more pound, final weight 214 pounds, still have a lot of water to shed, we will see how it turns out.

    A week later, all excess water is shed, weight went down to 212, definite difference, very lean now have visible abs and intercostals, lost about 1-2 inches on my waist in a week.

    Random thoughts:
    Iíve heard carbs make you hotter, what I have noticed is sugary carbs (let me tell you, did I crave ice cream) do not make me hotter, but starchy carbs (rice & potatoes) really turn up the heat, also when I sweat I have a weird smell to me, it almost smells like vinegar. As for diet, I pretty much let loose after the 3rd day, the carb cravings are as bad as reported, I mainly just concentrated on eating close to 400 grams of protein a day, and drinking 2 gallons of water daily.

    Supplements taken:
    1000mg alpha lipoic acid
    1500mg magnesium in 2-3 divided doses.
    3000mg vitamin C
    1200IU of vitamin E
    1000-2000mg of calcium (canít take it with the magnesium, though. Take it before bed) I got most of mine through milk

    50mg of zinc a day
    A potassium tab or two a day, I decided to drink V8 for potassium instead.
    At least 2 gallons of water
    300mg cranberry extract
    A good multi vitamin
    Clen or eca for energy daily
    Melatonin if you canít sleep and it is also one of the best and cheapest anti-oxidants.

    All in all, I must say this is by far the most effective fat loss supplement I have ever tried. It is not a pleasant ride, but the end results are well worth it.

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    Good for you man...i wouldnt want to do it...but im glad it worked out

    lose any you have any pics

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    i was weak as a kitten while taking it, went back to normal afterwards.

    i'm not too keen on posting my pics, but there was a major difference.

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    Sounds like you really enjoyed your cycle I know your a smart man so I would like to ask you a few questions. I to notice the intense urge to consume carbs all day long while on this stuff. Do you have any idea why? I read something about it a while back but it was so little that I forgot.

    I also wanted to ask you if you noticed any shortness of breath/decreased endurance while lifting or playing basketball? When I take this stuff I breath so **** heavy and have trouble catching my breath after walking down the hallway in my house.


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    Strength was down big time, endurance was horrible, i've played basketball for years, and am in great cardiovascular shape, I'll play full court for a few hours a couple times a week. While on this, I thought I was about to die from halfcourt, where you don't do much running. So your shortness of breath is par for the course.

    The carb cravings have to do with the depleted glycerin levels in your body, if I am not mistaken.

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    Bump...we need another D** cycle TTT

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