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    biweekly Log for TNT350 + Dbol

    On monday I started my orbit TNT (250mg Test ENTH, 100mg Tren Enth per ml)
    and my orbit Dbol (10mg).

    my cycle is as follows:
    Every third day:
    1 shot of 1ml tnt
    every day, 4 dbol caplets. one every 4 hours.

    On monday I started off at 180lbs on the dot. I don't know if the Dbol had anny effect, but I did push harder (I think i'm more psyched out when im on gear so I put more effort). I also injected into my right glute later at night...which was not the best thing to do. I didn't realize it would be so painful. I woke up the next morning and it felt like someone took a sledghammer to my butt cheek. Anyways I took advice from a few people and heated the solution up under hot water, massaged the spot after the inject, and even went to work out my shoulders (this was on thursday when I injected into my delt). Today is friday..I worked out monday wednesday and thursday, and have been eating liek i've never eaten before. Protein is around 350-400g a day, calories are sky high. My stats when i started like i mentioned 180lbs LEAN 6'0, and i've been working out for about 6 years. Anyway I'm proud to say I weigh 190lbs after 5 days. Whoever said orbit was shyte was dead wrong. this is better than the pink thais i had before and wayyyyyyyy better than the guard dbol i used once. my goal of 200lbs is looking very likely. I'll keep eveyrone posted (I'll see how much my strength went up next week).

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    Day 9. Up to 194lbs, and I am still lean - 8 pack is still there. Bench went up 40lbs, deadlifts went up 60lbs. My delt was extremely soar for about 4 - 5 days. It was definitely inflammation, and my friend happened to have the same thing so he gave me some of his antibiotics which got rid of it the next day.

    I have alot more stamina at the gym, and even when i feel like i've reached failure I do another 1 or 2 reps for most exercises. I really CAN'T WAIT for the test and tren to kick in! My weight gain seems to have slowed down a little, but I think its due to the three days off I had to take because of my shoulder...I also ate a little less those days.

    Does anyone know if a Cheat day is important for a cycle?

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