Hey Guys. I was trying to figure out how much body fat I have but I am not exactly sure how much I have.
I have been training for about 4 years and done two light cycles considering I am only 21. I have used prop,eq, deca , d-balls and anavar ...all of which I love.
Before lifting I was about 5'3 135lbs. and chubby. Over the last couple years I've made it up to 5'6 182lbs..12 percent body fat (GUESS). That was my highest weight at my last cycle of prop and eq. My bench has increased from a weakling 135max to about 285 for 4 which I was pretty happy about. I would've loved to put up 300 but never tried.

My next cycle is going to be Anavar weeks 1-8 either 25mg-40mg. Just trying to put on some quality muscle and some water with creatine supplementation.

My problem is right before I start the cycle I feel that I am about 9or10 percent body fat. I do not know how to tell because I have a little water weight in my midsection that sits there and on my chest...trust me it is not fat it is water,,, proabbly from the creatine... but I am not sure how to determine my fat. Right now I weigh about 172bs., I wear a 29inch waist, my body is full and hard, nothing flabby, or giggly...so is it possible that I am lower then 8 percent body fat. I mean you can't see many vens on my body or anythinglike that. My abs are sick, you can ese them perfectly and I'm hard all around.... What you guys think? I don't have a pic to post right noiw but ill get one.