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    You can transform you body within 4months at 200%

    Hello, this post is for anyone who is new to the iron sport.
    Some advice for the newcomers:
    1st. If you want to change your body you must try and you must try hard!. Bodybuliding isn`t steroids is a way of life. If you want to trasnform your body you must focus at 3 points:
    a. Training: Dont be lazy and folow excactly the program from an expert
    b. Diet: If you want to bulk then eat all the time but eat clean cause you mainly gain fat and you dont want that! If you want to cut then you must consider that you cannot gain any mass. So for conclusion you cannot gain when you cutting!
    c. Rest: You must sleep at least 8h/d. Remember you grow when you rest!

    Believe it or not but your body can transform fast!

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    lolz totally agree

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