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    cycle results so far

    hey guys,
    im just gonna start my fifth week on my cycle and wanted some feedback on my results from you guys.

    here is my schedule and dosages:

    wk1-6 dbol 30 mg/day
    wk1-10 primo 200mg/wk
    wk1-10 test250 500mg/wk

    I have been eating very clean. high protein (150-170 grams per day-i weigh 186), only good carbs, and low fat.

    i've gained 9 lbs. my bench went up 30lbs. i look thicker and also harder. no big side effects other than my nuts have shrunk and im horny as hell! but shouldnt I have gained more weight by now. or is it that im eating clean when in the past i would just eat everything when i was on a cycle? i will post final results when my cycle is done. any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

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    Hey bro i have no cycle experience but have read lots .It wouls seem to me like you can use a little more protein in your diet.You should always increase your protein intake when on a cycle but even if you were natural ,that is still a little low imo.
    hope this helps

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    Great work so far pump4. But TG01 is right, you're protein intake, although adequate for a natural trainer, is not high at a matter of fact it is quite low for being on cycle. If I were you I would shoot for 300g/day...take advanctage of the positive nitrogen balance you body currently has. Other than that things look good, great results bro. Hope you don't mind but I'm moving this to "members cycle results" forum.

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    Yeah Pete & TGO1 have the right ideas!!!! Hell yeah fellas....good advice. I would do about 2 grams of protein for every pound you weigh.. that means you should try to consume about 300-400g of protein if you want bigger gains! Good job so far bro....keep it up!

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