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    dbol/deca/sus cycle

    i am about to start my second cycle (i had to abort my first cycle after 4 weeks due to a shoulder injury which was because of incorporating behind the neck press )

    this is what i am gona be taking:
    wks 1-4 --d.bol (napism) 30mg ed
    wks 1-12 -sus 250
    wks 1-12 -deca 2ml
    clomid post cycle and nolva on hand for any sign of gyno.

    this might seem like a very low dosage course but in the four weeks of my first course (when the gear isnt really supposed to have started working to its fulll effect)i had gained 14 lbs and i kept it all ! whether it was phscological/harder training/more food i dont know but i am keeping it low for a longer period with hopes of gaining 20-25 lbs.

    my stats are :
    age 26
    weight 90 kgs (198lbs?)
    height 5.7
    b fat % =15
    i will update my body part stats when i sort out a tape measue

    my diet is pretty good and generally looks like this:
    7am porridge oats
    9am meal reaplacemant powder (myoplex)
    12 noon 200g chicken, low fat yogurt,
    2pm protein shake
    4.30pm scrambled eggs on toast
    8 pm protein shake

    any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Good luck with your cycle

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