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    Dang It All To Heck!

    I was scheduled to start cycle #2 yesterday:

    d-bol 50mg/day weeks 1-5
    enan250 500mg/wk weeks 1-15
    deca300 400mg/wk weeks 1-15
    winny tabs 50mg/day weeks 10-15

    nolva and clomid on hand


    I caught a nasty cold last week, and my appetite has been fer shit. Last night I was able to sleep without any cold medicine for the first time, so I'm gettin' over it at last.


    I cracked a tooth. One of the front ones. I bit a fork. I can't see the damage, but it aches. I'm gonna have to have it crowned, damnit! My first appointment is next Monday, when they take the molds, grind away the tooth, and fit the temporary crown, then two weeks later I go back and they fit the permanent crown.

    So I guess I should postpone starting this cycle until the tooth is fixed, which means waiting 'til Feb 3 at the earliest. Heck!

    Present stats: 5'10", 240 lbs., age 46, 18.6" biceps, 49" chest, BF 25%+. Goals: 15-20 lbs of lean mass gain, then after a suitable period of maintenance, cutting down to 15% BF.


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    Hey look at it htis way: At least it didnt happen during your cycle.

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