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    what do u guys think about this cycle..

    just started my 10th week 1 shot of deca 300 and test 200. plan on going to 15 weeks. then take some hcg . started the cycle at 202lb im 6'2" im currently 220 lbs. i want to gain another 5 to 7 lbs then just shred up for spring. what do u reccommend for this. my bodyfat is at 6%. had a good bench yesterday too did 370 for 2. want to hit 400 hopefully. thanks dudes later

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    Sounds good but why didnt you run Test 400 if you wanted to put on more size?

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    dude Raise the test it has to be higher than Deca do like 400 test. Like Ammar said.

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    What ester weight are you using for the tesosterone? If you are planning on enanthate - 200mg/wk is very low. Should go more like 400-500mg as a starting ground. Have you used testosterone before?

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    I think it sucks. Boost your test to 400 - 1,000mg. Keep your deca at 400-600. And no way in hell should you use HCG post cycle. HCG will only shut you down even more while making your balls bigger, or back to normal size. Instead, use the hcg throughout, and clomid at the end.

    I'm glad you asked, albeit a little late.


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    My suggestion is :
    Up the enanthate to 500mg/wk
    deca to 400mg/wk
    Run HCG every 10 days at 500 iu starting @ 2nd week this will keep thje signal going to ur boys.And 2 wks post cycle Clomid therapy should look like this :
    Day 1 300mg
    day 2-7 150 mg/ed
    wk 2 100mg/ed
    wk 3 100mg/ed
    wk 4 50mg/ed

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