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Thread: too much test?

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    serv40 is offline New Member
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    Feb 2003

    too much test?

    Is 500mg ew 1-5 750mg ew cypionate the last 5 weeks of a cycle to much for 185lb at 8 percent bf. first cycle was 500mg aratest for 5 weeks. do not want to use more than needed and make it so next cycle I have to use a lot to get results I could have gotten on less.

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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    Sep 2001
    what's your entire cycle look like ???

    or is that it - a test only cycle ??

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    serv40 is offline New Member
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    Feb 2003
    week 1-2 300mg prop ew week 3 400mg
    week 1-5 250mg cypionate week 5-10 750 mg
    equip 1-10 400mg
    winstrol 8-13 30-50mg ed

    Or should should cypionate be run 500mg ew 1-10

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    Red5 is offline Associate Member
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    May 2002
    keep the doses the same throughout.
    Wks 1-4 prop 100mg eod
    wks 1-10 cyp 500mg
    If you don't want to use than more you have to you could save the Eq for your next cycle.

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