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    6 mo vaction in Iraq, just home new cycle give me some opionions

    Hey boys Ive submitted my photos and discussed on the board. I've just returned from Iraq and Im getting back into things. Heres my new cycle the first 6 weeks im running EQ 500mg/wk, HGH 3 ius a day, Insulin 10 ius/day, Test 800mg/wk, and Deca 300mg/wk, femera daily, the second six weeks same hgh and insulin, 750 mg sust/wk, 50 mg tren EOD, 35 mg dbol daily, femera daily. The cutting cycle will consist of clen , winstrol , hallotestin, and hgh. Tell me what you think? I lost about 25 lbs of mass while I was out there. Im now 5 11 and about 188 and my body fat went up from about 5 to 11. But thats ok back to work!!!

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    chinups Guest
    Well I don't have to many opinions on cycle but I would like to thank you for fighting for our country!!!!!!!


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    Well ur cycle sounds good but i wouldnt switch from whateverr test u will be using first and then into sus. And also run EQ all along ur cycle , 5 weeks it's just waste of time because eq takes 4-5 wks to kick in. my suggestion would be something like this :

    1-10 Test Enanthate 750 mg/wk
    1-10 eq 600mg/wk
    1-4 dbol 45mg/ed
    5-10 tren 50mg/eod
    1-8 Arimidex .5mg/ed at the end of 8th weeks switch to nolva since adex screws up ur cholesterol values and nolva helps it so switching it at the end would be a good idea and also u can run nolva along with ur clomid.
    run gh 3 ius a day 1.5 iu in the morning and 1.5 in the aftersooon , same thing with slin ( space it out )
    Also IMO i would run HCG 500 iu every 10 days strting at 2nd week of ur cycle just to keep the signal going because eq,tren,test will shut u down hard so hcg will help u maintain more mass post cycle. Clomid ofcourse post cycle:
    day 1 300mg day 2-7 150mg wk 2 100 wk 3 100 mg/ed wk 4 50mg/ed
    I hope this helps out a little bro.
    Just my .02 $

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