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Thread: sustanon cycle

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    sustanon cycle

    this is my first cycle. I'm doing a 10 week of sustanon 250/
    250mg 2times per week. I have a tone of debol and some winny tabs. My goal is to keep as much of the mass after the cycle as I can. another thing is I can't find any clomid. Also will over the counter anti-e work. What would I be better off with and how should I stack it in to my cycle. I'm one week into the sust cycle. Please help me asap. thanks
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    ummmm, sust is test. Im confused. now your starting the test? You dont know how to come off? Bro I would stop the cylce seing as how your only 1 week in and learn about steroids before you go using them. No dis bro just some sound advice.

    Here is a few ways you can start learning.

    1)Read all posts in the educational forums. There arent many. Ive read it several times and still pick up something when I re-read it.

    2)Next, look at the drug profiles on the main page. If you had you would have seen that sust is a blend of 4 test esters.

    3)Research anti-e's. Mainly clomid. But I wouldnt start any cycle without a solid foundation of at least these.

    Good luck to you. Sorry if this isnt what you were hoping for but it is in your best interest.

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