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Thread: Prop only?

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    Prop only?

    Do you think there is much to gain on a prop only cycle. I dont want on acne or sides to deal with. Looking for 5-7lbs of net muscle. I am well trained, well disciplined and in shape already.

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    You could run a prop only cycle i'm sure but it probaly wouldn't do you any good because you'd lose it very quick. right now i'm running prop with enan. Prop is absoutly amazing man you'll love it. Just throw in enan. Prop is a fast actin test. you'll see results in 2 weeks, the enan is a slow actin and you'll see results in about 6 or around there there. Mine hasn't really chicked in yet. But you also need to run the proper PCT (clomid) and have the proper ancillaries (sp?) during your cycle, such as liquidex, nolvadex . Research and ask questions, in steroids questions section and you'll be good. post your cycle and let the pros aorund here critique before you start though.

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    Throw some fina in with it and you have yourself a kick ass, relatively inexpensive cycle....

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