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Thread: i need inputs

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    i need inputs

    wassup everyone, i am a new member of this site and i need inputs. I am 19 years old and i did a cyle of test (suspension) for 2 months and half. I went from a 145lbs to 165lbs. But after i stopped using suspensions i went to 160lbs thats pretty good for me cause honestly i have been working out since i was 17 and since then i didn't have any gains until i went on juice. Anyways i have been off test (suspension) for about 3 months now and i want to do another cylce. I am thinking of doing dbol but i don't know how much would be good at my state and what else to go with it. So can u guys give me some inputs/ideas? thanx boys

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    you could have gotten to 160 naturally at your age. do you not understand that gaining weight is easy when you're younger ??

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    If you honestly didn't realize any gains in two years of training then steroids is not the answer. Your diet and training must be total **** if you didn't gain at all in two years, no offense bro but thats horrible. Using AAS while you are eating and training poorly is a bod idea. I would suggest to not even think about doing AAS untill you can gain naturally with a good diet and workout program.

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    Taking steroids at your age isnt the answer. Eat 3000-4000 calories a day and you will grow. Wait till you are 21-22 and use the next year and a half to three years to develop a good base. Unless you are 4ft2 you have'nt gotten anywhere maxing out your potential @160lbs!

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    19 + steroids =NO WAY........

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