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    Friends taking roids vs. me N/A

    ok well my friends went up to Mexico and brought back some test.. they started there first cycle. and sad part is they dont know what the hell there doing they are just taking the test with out working out or using a PCT they think that if they just put a needle in there ass there gonna be the next arnold.. i tried to convince them what they need to do such as hit the gym and have a proper diet and also use a PCT but they said im full of ****.. so i bet them 200 bucks that i could get better gains than them without using any form of steriod .. so as the weeks went by we both wieghed in at 170 and now at the end of his cycle he was at 180 and i weighed in at 188... in the end i look hella a lot better than he does.. plus his side effects kicked him in the ass.. he is moody as hell cant even talk to him witout wanting to fight, he broke out with so much acne every where its not even funny he has huge lumps all over his face... and he cant even get it up.. he still refuses to take a PCT even after i went out and bought him some Nolva he wont take it cuz he says he doent need it.. so to end this story.. Roids wont make u into a body builder over night and please before u go out and take roids please do your research and be ready to work your ass off..

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    good post

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    That's pretty funny. Why's he so ignorant to taking the Nolva you bought for him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGFuryZ
    It really kills me how people say that using AAS is the "cheater's way" or "easy way out". I tell you what, I worked hard when I was natural, but I bust my ass even harder on AAS. And these people have no room to talk, not until they've built up the courage to inject themselves for the first time, and until they've experienced the pain of a dbol, test, or eq pump, or shortness of breath & night sweats from fina. Juicing while bodybuilding is anything BUT "easy"...
    Nice post bro.

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