Thought i'd sign up, say hello.
Been training for 5 years now.
I've been on this website afew times over the past few year, very informative.
First board I was on was, then, afew of the homeboards in Australia, and bodyoz-online but thought I'd sign up here. This board has improved over the years and I look foward to contributing here.

Will be doing my first cycle in about 6 weeks time.
I'll be making my own supplements
cycle looks like this

Week 1 + 2 - 100mg Test Propinate E.O.D
Weeks 1 - 4 - 150mg Test Isocproate E.O.D
Weeks 5 - 9 - 150mg Test Enanthate E.O.D
Weeks 10 - 13 - 150mg Test Phenylpropinate E.O.D
Weeks 14 - 16 - 100mg Test Propinate E.O.D
Weeks 1 - 10 - 400mg Nadaralone Phenylpropinate
Weeks 1 - 6 - 50mg Anadrol /day

PCT will consist of Clomid and Nolvadex usual 21 day patturn. Possibly 28 day patturn due to the Nadaralone.
Might have Arimidex to.

Switching the esters every 3 or 4 weeks as you can see.
Basically 500mg Test/Week + 400mg Nadaralone/Week
Front loaded with prop, tappered off with prop to do PCT quickly.

Some info.
5 foot 8 inches
110kgs (242 lbs)
Max squat - 4 plates aside
Max Bench - 3 plates aside
Dead - 5 plates aside
Shoulder D/B Presses - 50kgs

19inch arms
31inch quads
18inch calves
52inch chest
15inch forearms

What my aim is for this cycle.
I would like to push the weight up to 130kgs.
Work on middle back thickness and delts. More chest thickness.
Complete controll of muscle movement which is something i've been working on over the past few months. Instead of just lifting the weight make the muscle do all the work. Slow controlled movements with differing time periods. Eg 1-2-3 or 2-4-1etc.
I'll be taking 35g of Creatine/day for the first 6 weeks
400g protein - 500g carbs and however much fat aday
Milk thistle (only ones I can find are 12,000mg per capsule)
Multi Vitamin
Saw palmeto

Aim to compete in October 2005. NPC Mr Australia

I have one more bulk cycle from december to march 2004/2005, similar cycle with the addition of Tren Enanthate.

I'll start a jurnal when I beggin and keep members informed of the progress.