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    Finishing up! My 2nd cycle results

    Hey folks,

    Ok here goes....

    I am ready for honest, yet respectful comments.

    I haven't posted very often to this forum, but figured I'd come back to at least post my results and first time pics. The picture times are a bit off, they were taken about 2 weeks before I ended my cycle. But here is the breakdown...

    What I ran...

    Week 1 - 4/ Stano. EU labs Human Grade 100MG day split am/pm and
    Primoject. EU labs 200mg per inject Tues. Thurs. Sat.

    Week 4 - 8/ EU Labs Test Cyp 250mg per inject Mon. Friday+100mg
    Sat pm.
    Primoject 200mg per inject Tue. Thurs. Sat. Clen . 80mcg
    2 of the 4 weeks eo.

    Week 8 - 12/Test Cyp 250mg per inject Mon. Fri. + 100mg Sat pm.
    British Dragon Primobol (far better than the Primoject IMO)
    200mg per inject Tue. Thurs. Sat.
    Stano. 100mg daily split am/pm

    Weeks 12 - 14/ clen Every other day!!!! 80mcg

    Week 1 - 14.5/ Nolva / Tamox

    My Diet:

    At start of cycle my weight was 174lbs
    Weeks 1-8 - I ate my 6 meals daily, absolutely no junk! Protein and carb rich
    meals and I loaded up on my Mega Men Vits. 100mg Taurine and 200mg Potassium caps daily during my clen intake periods.

    Approx. caloric intake... was I'd say around 2500 or more but less than 3000

    Protein... I tried my best to hit my Body weight daily. Myoplex Deluxe Chocolate Carmel Cluster Bars are the sH#%! Taste great and at 3 per day they provided me at a minimum of 96 grams of Protein and 6 grams of Glutamine

    My gains:

    Week 8 - my weight peaked 188.7 lbs with moderate strength gains; approx. 50 - 70 lbs to my bench for 8-10 reps. Accompanied by the constant muscular fullness and reduced recovery times.

    Week 8-12 - I felt the effects of the Test and personally, I felt that the BD Primobol made the difference. Shrugs went from 315lbs @ 2 sets of 10 -12 controlled reps in previous weeks to another 90 lbs increase for same reps but added dumbell finishers at 120lbs each fist for 10-15 reps speed set.
    The Stano boosted the enurance and thus began my cutting a bit early.

    Week 9.5 - time of this post. Slowly reduced calories, upped protein slightly, and made sure I was getting my 1 gallon of water daily.
    I started light to moderate cardio, mainly stationary bike 20-30 minutes other day.

    This brings me to a closing now... at week 13 I was weighing 177 with no loss in strength, but still on an increase actually. Vascularity immensly improved around week 10 and still is in full effect, almost 4 weeks since my last fun filled injection.

    I have one tab of nolva left for tomorrow and that will about wrap it up for me and anti-E, / PCT which... I don't know if this is unusual, but 1 week after my last test injection I mildly broke out on my shoulders and forearms. Skin was a bit oily so I upped the novla a bit and it ceased a week later. Although who knows, I sanded down a horse trailer to the bare metal to start a fresh paint job and possibly, the sweat and the dust just clogged up my pores on my already slightly oily skin.

    Traning Routine:
    My body grows pretty good naturally anyway with my genetics, but
    here is basically how I trained. Early in cycle week 1-2 I did stretching, mild cardio, and very light lifting 5 days per week.

    Around week 4 or so I started coming around and started in a bit heavier on every muscle group alternating muscle group days (i.e. switching from chest on mondays to Fridays on the following week) Etc.. etc.. This might seem strange to many of you and to some not at all. But routines just plateau my body out it seems like temporarily so I learned back in my younger days that that style training did me no good.

    Once week 6 hit I was piling on weight and traning hard and fast and was usually in and out of the gym in less than an hour. I cut my lifting/training days from 5 per week to believe it or not, 3 or 2 mid cycle. My body just loves its recovery and it all depends on how I feel, If I am sore, IMO it is useless to train the muscle group that is still repairing. If you keep tearing it down, it never reaches it full fiber regrowth for added strength, size and endurance. Some guys I train with are complete opposite. The work chest or back 2 maybe 3 times a week varying weight and reps and it seems to work for them. I dunno??? Anyway...

    Closing remarks:
    This cycle was IMO very satisfactory. I had no side effects, no depression, or crashing after quitting test, (first time taking test BTW) - ( yes I know my testlevels are still elevated ) but I think I am at the point where my hemosthasis (sp????) is restabalizing.

    Stats: 5'9" currently 179 lbs. approx 50 inch chest, No strength loss apparent yet, although a bit early, but I hear Primo and Stan are good for gain retentions. And last cycle I kept good gains from the Whinny and stayed solid.

    I hope that if I do a cycle again in the future, it ends up as smooth as this last one. It did wonders for my back, which sustained a major injury while I was in IRAQ. I was in physical therapy for over a year and AAS has done wonders for my chronic condition which I was sent home packin from the US Military labeled as "unfit for combat"! Paid a severance and a disability and to this day talk to doctors who don't know shit. AAS got me back on my feet again over a year ago and please bros.... If you see anything in my above post that I might have been doing wrong please speak up. I am all ears to this new path I decided to venture down not once but twice so far.

    Guys go easy on me with the pics... I know I am a short little bastard LOL

    Be Smart - Be good
    and just remember...
    "those who follow the crowd will never be followed by a crowd"

    Over and out,

    Stacka (raised to the 3rd)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Finishing up! My 2nd cycle results-me-1.jpg   Finishing up! My 2nd cycle results-me-2.jpg   Finishing up! My 2nd cycle results-me-3.jpg   Finishing up! My 2nd cycle results-me-4.jpg  

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    Did you do work the other half of your body too?


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    Not bad, I'd say focus on delts.

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    looking good bro any pic's of the wheel's ?

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    thank you for your service to our country bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahammer86
    thank you for your service to our country bro

    ^^ definitely. Also - lookin good bro.. keep it up.

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    Looking buffed man. Big guns there. Chest is good. Keep up the good work ma man.

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    Other half...

    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    Did you do work the other half of your body too?

    Yes Sir Mr SwoleCat....

    Naturally I have thick legs, and they don't take much to swell up and vascularize, but if you want to know my training for the
    lower half. then check it... I'll try and get some pics soon but since I have been cuttin the'll just have more deff just like my top. I am proportionally sound if that is what ya wanna know. lol

    The first 4 weeks I went extremely light due to the recovery times my legs need. A solid squat and extention routine will have me sore from 2 days after to 4- 5 days following. They just don't recover like my other muscle groups,
    but they grow easily.I train legs once a week as a rule and some times skip a week.

    By light I mean for example...

    warm up
    full squats with 225lbs approx 10- 15 reps x 2 sets...
    Then slap on another 2 plates and knock down 10 and be done.

    Extensions I would do single leg which I think helps develop more, at approx 70 lbs for 15 reps x 2 sets and that was it.

    Stepping up just a bit

    When I started gaining (reached weight over 180lbs) I then still only continued to train legs but once ever other week.

    Routine consisted of
    Squats with the same warm up but... I switched to box squats and repped 8 plates 3-5 times x 2

    I added leg press to my routine and curls and calf raise
    I still maintained 2 set theory but of course jumped weight in steps for the following 4 weeks.

    If I had to guess... (and I have't hit legs in 3 weeks) cause I have been cycling and that alone is plenty on a cuttin phase but I can leg press 12 or 13 plates for a good 5-10 on a good day. Not positive though unless when I am at the guy today I see where I am at but then again... maxin ain't my goal now lol...

    During my "final 4" on cycle I merely just hit the statinary bike and occationally did some dumbell lunges weekly and that is about it.
    Now I know, the training regemin for my legs may sound lazy, but
    reeview my

    "Training" and "Recovery" in my original post and you'll get the picture

    And yo stocky121.... thanks and like I said I'll try to get some pics soon.
    To all you who replied, thanks so much for you comments and feedback!

    I hope to be more active on the boards and look forward to sharing stories, ideas, and more with everyone.

    Be Good, Stay Smart and don't over do!

    -Stacker (raised to the 3rd power)


    "Those who follow the crowd will never be followed by a crowd"
    -John Maxwell

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    lookin good bro,keep it up..

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    lookin' pretty swole bro

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