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    Eyernvxxn update


    quads: 24, calves: 14 3/4, bis: 13
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Eyernvxxn update-legs.jpg   Eyernvxxn update-ass.jpg   Eyernvxxn update-bidelt.jpg   Eyernvxxn update-lats-.jpg  

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    You're not real big and you're not real small.
    What are your goals?
    How long have you been at it?
    What's your split look like?
    What's your diet look like?
    Nice quad sweep. I hate you because my calfs are only an inch bigger and I'm 6'3".
    Lat's look pretty good, as well as upper back.
    Side delts starting to look real good.
    Triceps need work.
    Calfs not really defined that I can see. Need a rear shot for more critique.
    Hams looking pretty good. Are you doing straight and regular deads and lunges?
    Noticed you left out the waist. If you're trying to make it tiny, stop with the weighted side bends. That muscle grows real fast. Try slow controlled twists. I do this for two or three minutes, bent over. Really concintrate on the squeeze. Next day or two, obliques and serratus are so sore that laughing or coughing hurts.

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