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    my Picture!!!!!!

    17 Years Old
    2 Year Trainning
    1 Cycle:
    Oximentholona = 100mg/Day 4 Weeks
    Cypionato = 600mg 10 Weeks

    Im From Brazil
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    Good base to start with.

    I would hold off doing anymore cycles..... your body still has a lot more growth potential.

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    You took a cycle???

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    drugs are baaaad...Mmkay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by !DBF!
    You took a cycle???

    My thoughts too.

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    Our good old Deposteron! And Hemogenin!

    Good base to move on, work on building overall size, to broaden your shoulders and back, mainly compound exercises.

    Hemogenin is something you should be careful to toss in, watch your liver values and donīt expect to keep the weight you gain on the cycle (donīt worry, the weight loss you experience the first days upon usage discontinuing is no muscle anyway, just water retention).

    Just so you know, if i were to use hemogenin (oxymetholone) i would do it for strenght purposes only, i wouldnīt like stretch marks from balooning up nor acquire the so called moon face, to hold onto no gains in the end, at all.

    If you really wanna grow , spend your money on food and mainly testosterone with some anabolic like boldenone (donīt forget abour anti-eīs) and train like a bull, smart but heavy.

    You can always rely on eq with test to build serious size withouth having to sell your pants, and on top of that we have easy access to good quality real equiforte and deposteron.

    Good luck, lift heavy, eat, and watch it grow.
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