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    Need to loose them love handles

    I plan on playing lacrosse at one of my local collages but need to loose some fat and gain a lot mass. I have been lifting for 5 years naturally and did my first 2 cycles this past year and have gained a lot of weight in the process. I have taken a cycle of Prop w/ DBol then a cycle of Fina. I have been off now for 3 months. Fina got me up to 234lbs but Broke my collar bone right after my fina cycle which didn't allow me to work my upper body for the about a month and a half. Now i weigh 212lbs and I'm fat.

    I know the only real way is to do the work, which I have been trying, I just wanna know what will help me get there faster?

    Heres a pic I took of myself about 5min ago on my cell phone. What do you all think I should do for a real effective stacked cycle?

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    Dude...hard to see much in that up some more

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    Quote Originally Posted by laxking001
    What do you all think I should do for a real effective stacked cycle?

    Honestly, I think your focus should be on your diet. It appears as if you rely on gear for everything, hence your issues now.

    Check out AR's Diet Forum, we have a great group of guys there to get you in the right direction. As of now, you're direction is all wrong.


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    I'd say once you get on the cardio and clean up the diet a little bit you will lose fat in not seems like you should have a fast metabolism

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