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    Question about age for first cycle

    Ladies and Gents,
    My girlfriend has been working out religiously for 2 years (and is soon starting degree programs in Phy Ed and nutrition here in Thailand) . She has developed quite the physique........recently she has seen the figure competitors in some of the magazines I buy....and has decided she wants to do some figure comps at some point. She asks me about the "medicine" I do (I have a couple of cycles under my belt) and wants to do a cycle of anavar . I think that 20 is a little young to start but I promised her I would get the opinion of some ladies in the know......
    BTW Diet is great as we can eat so clean in Thailand....

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    I just turned 22 and my girl is 20, I started when i was 20, and she did when she was 19, just make she shes ready for it, my girl put size on quick

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