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Thread: New but not new

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    New but not new

    Hey everyone my first time posting but i have been reading this forum for weeks now. I have gotten a lot of info by just listening to what you guys have said. I am 21 years old and have been working out for about a year on and off. I am one of those tall skinny guys 6'1 almost 6'2 average around 150 pounds. I know it sounds bad. Just wanted to thank you guys for motivating me again. I used to do a lot of isolation movements, so i have nice cuts in my muscles but not mass. I am trying to work on more mass type lifts for ex. dead lifts, squats, rows, wondering if anyone had a good link to show me the right way to do them and maybe some routines. I work at a pharmacy so i get to look at test cyp and test depo all day long... I know it's way to early to start anything like that with so much potential in natural gains. But it's very temtping i might add. But to get to the point I will post pics of me soon. and hopefully keep you guys posted on how i'm doing. Any feedback would be great on routines, diets, etc for tall skinny guys like me. I am looking forward to the feedback. thanks again

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    Welcome to AR

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