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    First Post - 40 and going for it

    Been lurking a while, finially joined up.

    I turned 40 in July. I've always lifted, never competition level though. Feel as though I'm getting close to my 'last chance' to look the way I've always wanted.

    In 1999, I made the 1000lb club at gym I worked out in. At the time:

    Body weight: 184
    Squat: 365
    Bench: 285
    Dead: 415

    for a 1065 total. As far as powerlifting, that was my last hurrah. Serious strain of my back (though no lasting damage) about 3 weeks after that attempting 440 on the dead (all time best was 430). Deads and heavy squats have been out of my routine since; no deads, no squats, no growth.

    I've maintained well enough. At 40, I'm 190, about 15% BF - haven't maxed in years. I decided 2 weeks ago to give it a big go. With that in mind, I'm doing a 5x5 routine, substituting clean and press for cleans and deads for squats on the medium day. Pounding the protien and trying creatine/ glutamine: 5 grams creatine/2.5 grams glutamine, 1 hour before, right after workout. Supplementing with multivitamin, 30 gram protein bar and two 51 gram RTD shakes a day....

    My elbows are so screwed I can't lock my arms - can't do any sort of extensions. I work my tris with behind the back dips and close grip bench. No behind the neck presses or lateral raises because of my right shoulder. I can bar press to the front or do dumbells OK though.

    Current 5 rep max:
    Squat: 265
    Bench: 220
    Deads: 275

    Any good advice for a 40 years old looking to grow?


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    Man... 40 and going strong.

    Of course we've got good advice for you...but This thread is just for introductions.

    First off...welcome... We're glad to have you.

    2ndly... here're some forums you might want to take a look at:

    Over 30 forum:

    Diet Questions:

    Supplement Questions:

    Workout Forum: (this is where i hang out)

    Injury and Rehab Forum:

    If you've any questions regarding board rules, or 'how-to's, shoot a PM to myself or any of my fellow moderators

    Or go:

    One on one with the staff:


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    listen to nark bro and.......welcome

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    nark has over done himself, welcome aboard

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    hey man, i'm 44, there are many older guys with experience here..


    did nark list a link of the GH section?? come on over..
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