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    Sorta New

    Hello all, and Happy New Year. I found this site about two weeks ago. I've posted a couple of times...great information on here. It just takes time to go through it all. I just found this new member site. I have to admit, I'm a little worried about giving out too much information on myself. I have visions of a little bespectacled DEA guy sitting in a little crowded desk, reading up on everybody and keeping files...kinda scary. But, since I'm here, I'll give general info. I'm in my 40's, have been working hard all my life, and working out off and on over the years. Now I realize I'm not getting any younger, so I better get serious and prepare my body for the coming years...get the most out of it, you know what I mean? I'm around 214 lbs. I have been gaining over the last three weeks (mass). Let me put it this way...I know a person who has been on a cycle for going on three weeks, and he has been working very very hard in the gym for the last 5-6 months. before starting training, he was up to 235 lbs of mostly fat, but has lost most of it. When Last checked about 3 mths ago, his body fat was 18 %, now I'm sure it is much lower. He's around 5'10", lives in the SW United States, and is looking forward to seeing what he hopes will be the visual results coming this week 3 or 4 next week. I hope to learn and share good information with all. Greetings!!

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    Welcome and enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe64
    I hope to learn and share good information with all. Greetings!!
    Glad to have you

    Greetings.. and best wishes for the new year!


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    Hey, welcome

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    welcome to you......

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    welcome bro .. there are a few of us 40ish on this board
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