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Thread: Hello (Help?)

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    Hello (Help?)

    Hi everyone. I just joined about a week ago and have really learned a lot. However, I do have another question and since my other post hasn't received any replies I will try here. I have searched through the forums but can't find any info on this subject.

    Has anyone ever taken Creatine(CEE) and Animal M Stack together?

    I have used Animal M Stack in the past and gained a decent amount of strength. I figure that stacking it with Creatine might help me add some size. I have been lifting seriously for about one year now. I am 5'10, weight 160lbs. and bench 225lbs. comfortably (I know it's not a lot, but it is an improvement).

    The Creatine I plan to take is Axis Labs Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL.
    Obviously the Animal M Stack is from Universal Nutrition.
    I'm also taking Prolab's N-Large 2.

    My supplement plan is as follows:

    2 Hour- 26g Whey Protein
    45 Minutes- Animal M Stack
    15 Minutes- 6750mg CEE (Axis Labs recommendation)

    Post Workout
    15 Minutes- 6750mg CEE (Axis Labs recommendation)
    1 Hour- 26g Whey Protein

    Any feedback (positive or negative) would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    That is a lot of CEE (isnt it?) and very little protein for starters. Glad you got the right supps on hand though, welcome to the board bro!

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    Welcome to the board...but:

    This forum is for member's introductions... not supplement critiques man.

    Go back to your previous thread.. and 'bump' it.


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    Thanks fellas, I'll try to "bump" it.

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