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    citric acid and dball??

    im using dball in a present cycle 25mg a day for 40 days and I was eating after a lift with a good friend whos a very experienced steroid user and I had a serving of pineaplle and he said to stay away from citric acid is it tr that citric acid kills a little of the dianabol effects? this sounded strange to me but with his experience i usually listen to his suggetions

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    Well first, 40days is a long time on Dbol but to each his own. Second, is this dbol liquid or pill form? Either way I never heard of such a thing. Actually, if your experienced friend was that knowledgeable he would be advicing you not to take dbol more than 28days.

    Try typing in dbol in the search button and gain your own knowledge. That would be my best advice to you. Did he tell you the length expectancy of dbol in your system?

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    dball huh? I'm up for some dodgeball.

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    welcome to AR bro

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