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    44 (almost 45) and starting out

    Recently had a full checkup and the doctor ordered me to regular fulltime exercise. Up until now was just walking with my wife a couple of times a week. That and trying to keep up with my sons aged 15 & 17.

    What would be the best and most sensible way to make a routine ? Should I hire a personal trainer ? What are the things to look for when hiring a personal trainer ?

    As for my conditioning...lets just suffice to say, a bit overweight. I've never really been a physical tyrpe of guy, so my athletic background is really not very extensive. No sports in high school, I was a band guy (played the trumpet).

    Vitals : I am 44, and weigh about 245 lbs, at 6ft tall. Married (to the love of my life) for 21 years (and have the marriage gut to prove it LOL).

    Hope someone can help me !

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    Welcome. First it was good to get a exam clearing you for exercise. It would be wise to initially hire a PT. Check for their certification credentials as most are good.Ask the gym for referals. Ask yourself what your immediate goals are and think ahead long term too. This will determine the schedule. The first thing I recommend is starting with the machines say 3 times a week circuit type training. If you can add some cardio in the morning do it. If not, then do some cardio post machine work out but do not go too long. After a few months of constant training start weeing off the machines incorporating free weights. This is only basic information for you. But the real important factor is your nutritional needs. Your diet needs a 180deg about face. You can be in the gym till you are blue in the face but if you eat crap then all is mute. So first priority is DIET DIET DIET, start eating better, smaller portions. Remember, muscle helps burn calories so in due time you need to add some. Next priority is get your MIND right. You need to be focused and visualize your new body and be consistant. skipping days here & there you are doomed from the beginning. It takes time and motivation so get your wife to go with you because it is a lifestyle change. Good luck.

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