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    6 wk results Test/Deca

    Just finished my 6th week of 300mg of test E & Deca TT. quick stats
    35yrs old
    First Cycle
    start weight 172
    current weight 188.
    BF is 15% probably drop 2%
    Diet is clean, but need to eat more.
    I added 10lbs of weight in the first 2 weeks but now weight is going on slow.

    Strength has gone up but not as much as I would hope. Have added about 25/30 lbs to bench, which is my weakest lift.

    I only have one 10ML of TT Deca300 and was going to do 9 weeks of Deca and 10 weeks of Test and of course follow it with Clomid. Problem is my Deca is way under dosed and I probably used a tad too much and now I only have enough to finish week 7. I have plenty of test so no problem there.

    so the question is should I just finish my cycle with test for wks 8,9 & 10 or should I try and get some more Deca? I might be able to get some this weekend but not sure yet. If I can't get Deca but can get EQ would it make sense to finish with EQ or just finish with Test by itself?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would try to get more Deca because it only REALLY starts to work in about week 4. That only gives you about 3-4 weeks of real good gains. Not a tragedy if you don't. I'm not sure about the EQ, but my instincts tell me not to change so late in the cycle with a different AS.

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    You said you should eat more do that for sure. I like EQ to taper off of test but changing up not sure. You could start the EQ at week 7 stop the test at 9 and take the EQ out to 11 or 12 weeks. I only go up to 450mg and taper down to 200. It seams to help me hold my gains.

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