hey bros. i plan on running a omnadren /dianobol cycle(first one) in the near future however all this recent talk of screwing up your system for good with using juice at a young age(i'm almost 20) has made me re-consider.
my question is if I do decide to do it(probably sometime in october) what ant-e's and Pct drugs would be most beneficial so that i don't mess up my system forever. I currently plan to run novaldex at 10-20 mg a day during and the normal 300/100/50- clomid pct routine at the end. Should I add HCG at the very end of my cycle before i start the clomid? Should I be taking arimidex during along with the novaldex, or would i be fine with a little liquidex? I plan on running the Omnadren at 500 mg/week for 12 wks and 35 mg of D-bol for 4 wks.i know your guys are going to tell me i'm too young and i respect that but just looking for the best advice on what to use, to do this as safe as possible