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    Question PCT Time Guys, Help me!

    have been off-cycle for a while now and I think it is about time to do it again. Im about 245lbs. with 10% bodyfat at about 6'1. My goal is to hopefully get to about 265-270 lbs. I have come up with a good little cycle like this:

    600mgs Test E.- week 1-16(1000 mgs 1st week)
    400mgs Deca - week 1-15(800 mgs 1st week)
    40mgs d-bol per day- week 1-4
    nolva 10mgs per day week 1-16
    many supplements(ala, milk thistle, vitamin b-6, multivitamin, glutamine, amino acids.

    My question is: What do i need to do for pct(& when should i start) and when should i incorporate HCG into the cycle. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Check the stickies That will help for start times.... and Look at the other thread to show you how to use nolva and clomid

    HCG can be started at week 11-12... ran 500ius E4D until the clomid is started at week 18. technically wait 4 days to start the clomid. Those two together cancel each other out.

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