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    Question Confused

    im a little confused here ..... i do know a little bit about PCT and the proper way to do it.... After taking an Anabolic (lets say Sust) 10 amps 1 every 6 days..... not much, nothing to crazy if im not mistaking the last shot is active in the body for 18 - 21 days..... this is when u start PCT .... but why do you have to take NOlvadex along with Clomid when that 18 day period start .... isnt nolvadex supposed to hinder the conversion to estrogen???? why stop a conversion of an Anabolic that isnt evn active anymore???? i understand yes def. should have it all on hand just in case .... but its not clear to me why someone hasa to take Nolvadex when the Anabolic is no longer active ..... unless Nolvadex does something else besides block the conversion to estrogen ..... input greatly appreciated .... anyone else think the same here???

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    The reason behind it is because you want to keep estrogen down while you are trying to elevate you normal test levels back into a normal state. Also You also do not want to have an abundance of estrogen floating around which could lead to symptoms of gyno. Also what is one more step of precaution in the wind for you? Nolva is cheap so why no go the extra mile and be able to sleep at night with no worries?

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    QUestion, is clomid and nolvadex illegal or not cos its not a steroid right?

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    It's by script only so it is illegal.

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