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    Hcg And Cyp Timing

    i AM CURRENTLY RUNNING A 500MG/WEEK cyp and 400mg/week EQ CYCLE for 12 weeks. I was wondering when the best time to run HCG would be? and how long after that to run my clomid?

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    The most beneficial way in which to run hcg is at 500ius every four days throughout a cycle up until a week before your pct is due to start; This amount should be enough to avoid testicular atrophy, and stopping a week before pct is due to start will ensure that it is out of your system for pct.

    However seeing as you've already started your cycle, and your natural test procuction is surely shutting down or is shut down, you should start hcg at 500ius everyday until testicular atrophy is resolved (your boys are back to normal size) and then reduce to 500ius every four days.

    PCT then begins three weeks after your last shot, as the active life of the longest acting steroid you are using (eq) is three weeks.

    All this information is above emphasied by the word 'IMPORTANT' in bold red capital letters. You should have read this, and indeed known this before you started your cycle. Sorry to flame, but im sure alot of guys are tired of answering the same easily answered questions all the time... And if anyone else is like me i feel i have to help if i can most times.

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