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    deca , real or fake? need help on this one

    i'll add the image as we don't need a link showing a possible source / scammer
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails deca , real or fake? need help on this one-decadurabolin.jpg  

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    Money Boss Hustla's Avatar
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    I'm sure the picture is of legit gear...but will you get legit gear is another question.

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    koksownik is offline Junior Member
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    it`s real

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    orlando, florida


    i need help with a certain deca bottle. i will have a pic very soon by the end of the day. i have recievied in a dark 10ml vial what i am told is deca. the bottle reads deca-bol. it is from westfield labs and i want to know b4 i can get this picure up if anyone has heard or seen anything like the description given so far. help would be awesome!

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    i think there fake! i got some from that site and the stoppers were black! and the silver top would spin and come right off! i used them and didnt notice any size gains

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    my question.... i have used D_Bol and i have seen great result off of it. a 10LBS gain in weight and close to 60LBS in weight training gain. im off my cycle now, and im gettin ready to start another in 2 weeks. what types of gains have people seen off DECA -BOL? Im truly satisfied with the D-BOL. i want to try others to see the gains. Is DECA-BOL woth spending the money on? DECA is 20-30 bucks more then D-BOL. Im just curious as of the positives of thisproductbeforei buy it. should i or should'nt I? Please let me know. send me an email @ I have 2 buddies wondering the same thing. any insight into this product will be greatly appreciative. We all took the D-BOL in the desert when we where previously deployed. We all were satisfied, but looking for a new product. side affects would be great to know as well. thanks for your time

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