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Thread: new clenbuterol

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    Question new clenbuterol

    I am thinking about buying some clenbuterol tabs, but i'm not sure if they are real. They are in a blister pack of 25, and the tabs have a "c" on them.There is a date at the bottom of the foil, but nothing else is writtn on the front or the back. There is no brand name written and no dosage written. The seller says they are new and are 40 mcgs each. Any advice?

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    Im not shure about this one, but why take the chance. Since clen is becoming more and more popular not only among BB's, it is also being use by regular people. This means more fakes are likely to appear due to the growing appeal and market for this substance. I would suggest that you stick with a brand thats known, dont take the chnce, and I have never heard of 25mcg tabs before

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