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    british dispensary dbol?

    i have british dispensary dbol that cannot be crushed by finger and thumb. It is pink, with a snake and a firm indent on it. But i can see very tiny white dots.
    When i take them i get the surge about half an hour in and a massive pump. in a week have only put on about 2-4kg's though.
    have seen a fair bit of water bloat, and acne appeared very quickly.
    I know without a picure it is difficult, but what do you think.

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    Sound real to me.

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    Man that's real deal IMO, I can tell you by your descriptions, and
    what?!?!? 2-4 kgs/ in 1 week, what do you want more, bro? Keep up
    the good job, man!

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    2-4 kgs per week gain is impressive, not shabby at all. Along with the bloat/H2O retention, that's exactly what Dbol is supposed to do. Along with the acne and the extra pumps, definitely real stuff.

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