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    Help on getting good pics..

    Got any suggestions on taking pics? I have taken about 30 now and cant get the writing on any of them either too bright or too dark, used different backgrounds etc.. cant seem to get any good ones. Appreciate any help.

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    what i found to work is put the camera up to as high megapixel as it goes
    sit on ur bed and put hte amp ont he floor with a background of some kind a white sheet of paper usally does fine
    put macro mode on
    zoom in from sitting on the bed and just looking down without leaning over
    hold the cameras autofocus button in for a few seconds b4 taking the picture
    should come out nice and readable

    i was also pulling my hair out whne i first got the cam and taking pictures only to get one blur
    it takes some practise but eventually u should get it right

    heres some examples ;p testosterone cypionate ,nile co sust and bleco sust with the box of the belco

    i was trying to get teh belco readable harder for the clear glass ones without a background thats y u cant read the nile co's

    please note these are all taken at 1megapixel if taken at 5 id have to upload them to a hosting site and im too lazy for that so the detail is lost if u zoom in but if taken at 5 megapixel its nice and readable even zoomed in
    the writing on the belco sust is tiny like 2mm maybe in height
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