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    Powerlifting and Speed/Conditioning Workout For Defensive Lineman

    Hello. I am currently a Freshman in High School. I play defensive tackle for my football team and am a starter. I go to the gym at least 2 or 3 times a week after practice, but I need a good Power Lifting and Speed/Conditioning Routine to help increase my strength, explosiveness, and speed. Please send me a routine you think would help me, any help is greatly appreciated.

    Bench Max-180
    Incline Max-145

    P.S., is it better to do sets with over ten reps in them or to do heavy weight and less reps? Which would benefit explosiveness more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProPayne7
    I am currently a Freshman in High School.
    how old are you?

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    hes 14 or so id guess?

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