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    Angry need help on deadlift

    I need help on my dead lift. I cant seem to keep my ass down. I get the weight of the floor but only like 5 inches and get go any more. This did not show up till i tried to get over 500lbs. I have been doing deads for some time now, i just cant break 500. I can 475 for 4. But even the first of them my ass comes up, but i can keep it down after that.
    What am i missing to help this? My smaller lifting parten has done it, i cant!!

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    If you can do 475 for 4, it's probably a mental block. To break through it i suggest trying a progressive program. Find out exactly what your max is, the most you can pick up. then do a half reverse pyramid, like

    the next workout, move all the weights up a bit. for the max, if your gym has 2 1/2's or 1 1/4's use them. Putting little bits on each week will help you, because the menal aspect of 500 won't be there. it'll be "only 2 1/2 lbs more.."
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    Are you wearing flat soled shoes? I wear wrestling shoes when I deadlift and squat. I find the flat soles make it easier to 'sit back' when doing a dead lift. It takes some practice but once you get it down right sititng back when starting a dead lift makes a huge difference. When I get to a top of a dead lift I feel like I'm about to fall backwards. The idea behind this is to use your own body weight as leverage to help move the weight. Your body structure (long arms, short arms, long torso, etc) will also influence your form. Something you might want to try is find your sticking point and then do dead lifts starting at that point in a rack. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    i will try both those ideas. I wear x-trainers for shoes right now. But have some flat shoes to try. I will use your pryamid. Thanks.

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    I would add lock outs in my routine for a few weeks in place of deads. This may help you get over the hump.


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