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    Quick easy nacho-like snack

    I made these last night when I got a nacho craving. They are good if you like hot nachos or wings and can't eat them because you are trying to keep the fat down.

    7 triscuit lower sodium crackers
    2 tbsp hot salsa
    1/2 ounce cheddar cheese
    1/4 cup bottled jalepeno peppers

    Spoon the salsa on the crackers, top with thin bit of cheddar and peppers. Microwave 30 seconds on high or until cheese melts. Yummy.

    1 serving contains
    cal 214
    fat 9.64
    carb 27.9
    pro 7.21
    sodium 721

    I made these with real cheddar, but you could knock out the fat if you skipped the cheese or used ff cheese slices(which I don't consider food).

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    You been jumping around inside my head looking for ideas??? This really sounds like something that I would probably most likely love so much that I would go on one hellofa binge. And with Football session comeing up, I think that it would be to much tempation. But I'm gonna try it anyway. he,he
    I'll just run 1/2 mile extra tommorrow morning. ( Unless the fat grams in one serving is the total for a whole bowl!)

    I posted some tips on snacks a long time ago. I'll run a check and see if I can dig them up.
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