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    Best time to use Oxy pads

    My dermatologist reccomened some of the Oxyclean Maximum stregnth pads, and I have some now. When would be the best time to use them, right after a shower, first thing in the morning, etc. I have somewhat sensitive skin so if it stings or burns can I apply lotion afterward? don't want my face to peel, I have dry skin It doesn't say any of this stuff on their website so I'm not sure on any of this stuff.

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    Id use it after once inthe morning and once at night right after you wash your face, you face is goin to get dry thats just the way it works man, it means it healing, i wouldnt put lotion on after cuz thats just dirtying it again and clogging up the pores.

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    actually there is nothing wrong with applying lotion afterwards, as long as it is oil free you should be all right(and fragrance free/for sensitive skin, 'dove' has a new moisturizer designed for sensitive's pretty good, i use retin a and dove's moisturizer and it doesn't irritate or burn when i put it on)...and if you are using those pads you are going to need something....the best time to use them is after washing your face...with something gentle like cetaphil(or the generic version...) or cetaphil for oily skin(no generic yet)...
    if you are having an acne problem give clearasil's daily acne fighting moisturizer a try, with or without the pads, the active ingredient is salicylic acid which is an exfoliant, has anti microbial properties and also can function as an anti irritant
    if you have dry skin the pads will definitely exacerbate it...

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