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    ready to take m1t, should I stack it with andro and nor andro

    I got some left over bottles of EAS Andro 6 and Muscle tech Norandro.. Will it benifit me to take them with my bottle of m1t?? thanks

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    skip the EAS because regular androstenedione sucks it wont benefit you at all and will convert to a lot of esrtogen

    and the muscletech depends on how much norandro is in it whats the mg and is it norandrodiol or norandrodione because the norandrodiol has a 15% conversion rate meaning for 100mg norandro you get 15mg of nandrolone and the nordione only has 5%

    it wouldnt hurt to take the norandro but you probably wont see anything more from it but hey if you got it take it

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    I tried NorDiol awahile back, I didnt get a dam thing from it.

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