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Thread: Winni Depot?

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    Winni Depot?

    Is Winni Depot by German American Technologies any good?

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 tablet
    Servings per container: 60
    Amount Per Serving

    Methyl 1-Testosterone 10mg
    17alpha methyl-17beta-hydroxy-andros (1-ene-3-one)

    5-Androstenediol 50mg
    (5-Androstene 3beta, 17beta diol)

    20 Beta Hydroxyecdysone 50mg

    Proprietary Amplifier Blend 100mg
    Bergamottin, Bupleurum, Hoelen

    What could you stack with this? Every place is selling it for only $20 a bottle. I was thinking maybe get some VPX Monster Test, 1-AD, or Nutrex 1-tu. What's the best stack?

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    Looks decnet, but can never be sure of how good any of these random small companies products actually are. BTW, the name is misleading, its not actually winstrol or depot...

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    yeah its a good company they were one of the first to come out with 1 test thp ether
    dont stack with any of those just go with regular 4ad

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    Id avoid simply because of the 5AD
    5 androstenediol (5AD or 5diol) converts to testosterone at a very low rate and is an estrogen agonist

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