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    pro hormones....

    Does anyone know any bad a$$ hormones that are legal. If so what experience did u have with them, did you stack them or just took them one at a time? What about the Bio Test Mag - 10? Worth it.......HELP!

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    Well Miller first off most "legal suppliments" are bogus, and are all about selling you something. If I had to recommend any pro hormone it would be 1 AD. It is about the "best" if there is such a thing, out there cause it does not artmoize (spelling???), convert into estrogen.
    Creatine, Glutamine are good choices to use with it. I have trained for years drug free, had decent gains with this stuff, but nothing I mean nothing like "the real deal".
    Also a small note, I have tried "Animal Pak", worked pretty darn good, gave me a shit load of energy....

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    Hello Miller, Check out some previous post about ph's and you will see some post made my Big Cat. BC is very knowlegeable about prohormones and can steer you correct. I used 1-ad for a short cycle and I can tell you that it does work, but the doseages range from 600-900mg/daily which results in quite a bit of money. I am now using a product developed by Big Cat called trenebol-x that is a transdermal solution of 1-test and seems to work good. If you send me a pm I can more specificallly answer your questions and if I cannot then I know Big Cat can. Take care

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